ABS Emergency Trolley HS-D-06

No: HS-D-06
Size: 783*504*960 MM



1. Aluminum alloy structure for the whole cart. 
2. Aluminum alloy stuff and spray molded handing make the appearance more exquisite.
3. Stainless steel guardrail (12.7mm in diameter) is installed on the platform. 
4. All parts of ABS is made of CHIMEI ABS Particle. Including Table-board, each drawer, inserts of each drawer. 
5. Service Platform dimension is: 695 X 485mm, with soft glass for the table-board. With one extensible tray.
6. Self-suction shelf for each drawer.
7. Two layers drawers, each drawer with automatic shutting system. The outside height of drawers is 7CM/14CM. Inside height of drawers is: 5cm/10cm. 
8. Each drawer with inserts / There are inserts in each drawer. Inserts can be combined into 20 blocks. Drawer inserts also can be combined freely. The height of the drawer insert is 5CM and 12CM. The whole pills box can be taken out easily.
9.  Two doors-Closed structure. Enough room to put big appliance.
10. 4 pieces TPR Silent and Static Caster, 100mm in diameter. 2 with breaks.
11. Right side with white waste bin, Left side with Sharps box & Central Lock.  
12. With ABS push handle.
13. With Stainless handrail, with waste bin, With Sharps Box. 
14.  With Oxygen cylinder holder, with IV Pole. 
15.  With Defibrillator shelf, with CPR Board.​
Body Material
ABS Countertop, And install SS304 fence in size 12.7mm.
Half ARC Blue Pillar in Aluminium Material, Delicate Appearance, Avoid collision, Heavy Loading, Wear Resistance, and Corrosion Resistance.
Lateral Plate in Aleolate bionic aluminum profile.
ABS Emergency Trolley
Damping Sliding Rail
Automatic return drawer with Damping sliding rail,  Rail size is 12mm+12mm+15mm. No noise, Heavy loading.
Damping Sliding Rail
Drawer & Dummy-plate
ABS Divider in the drawer, can make pill case in  different sizes; The height of divider has two sizes: 5mm& 12.5mm.
Drawer & Dummy-plate
Central Lock & Ancillary Facility
ABS Rail, Central Lock Flank, Mesh basket. Waste Bin in side, Easy to take out.
Central Lock & Ancillary Facility
TPR Swivel Caster
TRP Caster, 50 degrees high elasticity, Indeciduous; Industrial Nylon Wheel, Rustless.
TPR Swivel Caster
Standard Configuration
Standard Configuration
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