Medical Cabinet SS-HS-D02

No: SS-HS-D02​



1. Full welding and spot welding combined with a new welding process, with 304 special welding wire, so that the 2. HESOURCE products can not be welded, the welding surface is smooth and uniform, beautiful and firm;
3. All stainless steel instrument cabinets use high-quality plates with an actual thickness of 0.81MM stainless steel.
4. Stainless steel instrument cabinet 2/3 pairs of door design, easy to take equipment items.
5. Select the cart environmentally-friendly thickened three-mouth rubber strip to stabilize the safety of the glass.
6. 3c Quality and safety certified tempered glass, to ensure that the transportation does not crack, not broken.
7. 5 spacers can be placed on the instrument package with ribs under the partition.
8. 1/3 fully enclosed stainless steel door.
9. Häfele German brand control lock, safe and convenient sterile device management.
10. Customization size available according to customer request.
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Shandong HESOURCE Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd. was founded in Sep. 2010. It is a factory of medical trolley, which includes development,production, sales, and services. The main products are workstation, ABS medical trolley, Stainless steel medical trolley, other nursing, medical cabinets; ABS Head, and many kinds of wheels, more than 200 kinds.

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