Stainless Steel Medical Car S-HS-B25

No: S-HS-B25
Net weight: 10KG
Gross weight: 15KG



1. HESOURCE Medical prefers stainless steel thickened pipe; the wall thickness is ≥1.0MM. It has the characteristics of high impact resistance, strong load bearing, and bright light.
2. Full welding and welding combined with a new welding process, with 304 special welding wire, so that the Fangge products can not be welded, the welding surface is uniform, beautiful and sturdy.
3. Pipe butt joints, using semi-arc stamping technology, the mouth is tight, no burrs. Pusher parts, integrated elbow forming, non-destructive strength design.
4. HESOURCE Medical Stainless Steel Stained Carts are selected from ship-grade thick canvas, which is fast and tolerant, has excellent wear resistance and highlights the strict requirements of squares.
5. Equipped with ultra-quiet medical casters with a five-year warranty, Shoal's 50-degree high-elastic TPR material is not degummed and non-sticky. Industrial nylon wheel frame, ten times better than steel structure, no rust, no paint stripping. High-precision deep groove bearing, which is light and easy to rotate, and has an innate ultra-quiet effect;
6. The dirt truck is packed with individual thick cardboard boxes, only for the user to receive satisfactory goods in a safe and timely manner.
7. Stainless steel dirt trucks: hospital supply room, ward, operating room, laundry room.


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Shandong HESOURCE Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd. was founded in Sep. 2010. It is a factory of medical trolley, which includes development,production, sales, and services. The main products are workstation, ABS medical trolley, Stainless steel medical trolley, other nursing, medical cabinets; ABS Head, and many kinds of wheels, more than 200 kinds.

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