Stainless Steel Medical Car SS-HS-B01

No: SS-HS-B01



1. The two large wheel stretcher carts are carefully processed with high-quality stainless steel pipes, and the thickness is up to 1.0MM in actual diameter, which ensures the overall rigidity.
2. Two-motorcycle inflatable aluminum alloy wheel, durable and reliable. Two Universal 150MM heavy-duty casters are suitable for all kinds of different road conditions. Even in the rough road conditions, they can easily be pushed over and increase the durability of the stretcher.
3. The stretcher lathe surface is made of high-quality stainless steel first-grade plate, which is flat and breathable.
4. The critical part of the spring on both sides of the guardrail is turned up and down. It is made of stainless steel spring, which does not rust and can maintain elasticity for a long time.
5. The upper and lower body lifting part, using the balance engineering mechanics design, docking is easy. Moreover, the fixed portion of the four corners are formed by 8MM stainless steel rod mold, and the strength is increased. It can be easily docked firmly in any direction.
6. There is a diagonal infusion stand jack on the bed surface, which can be infused regardless of whether the patient is pushing or pushing.
7. Stainless steel lifting and infusion stand, ABS fastening system, inlaid with copper wire sleeve, freely retractable.
8. There is a storage basket under the cart body.
9. Optional waterproof mattress and oxygen cylinder mounting bracket.
10. Customization available according to customer requirements, a variety of stretcher vehicles, patient vehicles.
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