Stainless Steel Medical Car SS-HS-B03

No: SS-HS-B03



1. Full welding and welding combined with a new welding process, with 304 special welding wire, so that the Fangge products cannot be welded, the welding surface is smooth and uniform, beautiful and firm;
2. The stainless steel oral pharmacy adopts a penetrating welded structure design to make the whole body firm and beautiful;
3. Preferably stainless steel thickened pipe, pipe wall thickness ≥ 1.0MM. The whole cart has high-quality characteristics such as impact resistance, strong load bearing, and bright light.
4. The thickness of the plate is 0.81MM, the load on the table is 40KG, double-layer design, and the support tube is welded under each layer. Fences and columns are made of solid stainless steel rods for durability;
5. Stainless steel wide drawer, plenty of space, drawers use high-strength national standard three-section silent rails, smooth sliding, quiet, no noise, large carrying capacity;
Three drawers of stainless steel oral pharmacy have safety locks;
6. Equipped with ultra-quiet medical casters with a five-year warranty, Shoal's 50-degree high-elastic TPR material, without degumming and non-sticking. Industrial nylon wheel frame, ten times better than steel structure, no rust, no paint stripping. High-precision deep groove bearing, which is light and easy to rotate, and has an innate ultra-quiet effect;
7. The cart is strictly inspected by quality control department, and the user does not need to install the caster accessories in person, and the package can be opened.
8. Stainless steel oral pharmacy packaging uses special thickened carton, only for users to receive satisfactory goods in a safe and timely manner;
9. Optional: 48 ABS kit.


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Shandong HESOURCE Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd. was founded in Sep. 2010. It is a factory of medical trolley, which includes development,production, sales, and services. The main products are workstation, ABS medical trolley, Stainless steel medical trolley, other nursing, medical cabinets; ABS Head, and many kinds of wheels, more than 200 kinds.

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