Stainless Steel Medical Car SS-HS-B23

No: SS-HS-B23



1. Welding of high-quality stainless steel materials;
2. The upper cover is tightly sealed, anti-odor, ABS engineering raw materials injection molding;
Pedal opening and closing advanced buffer design, closed and silent;
3. High-quality cloth bags, blue and yellow two colors differentiated;
4. The bottom has an elastic anti-collision device, equipped with ultra-quiet medical casters with five years of warranty, and the high-elastic TPR material of Shaoer 50 degrees, without degumming and non-sticking.
5. Industrial nylon wheel frame, ten times better than steel structure, no rust, no paint stripping. High-precision deep groove bearing, which is light and easy to rotate, and has an innate ultra-quiet effect.


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Shandong HESOURCE Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd. was founded in Sep. 2010. It is a factory of medical trolley, which includes development,production, sales, and services. The main products are workstation, ABS medical trolley, Stainless steel medical trolley, other nursing, medical cabinets; ABS Head, and many kinds of wheels, more than 200 kinds.

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